Two-Degree-Of-Freedom Devices

Graphkit and Haplink

We have designed two two-degree-of-freedom (2-DOF) devices based on Hapkit. Both are made out of 3-D printed structural components and use the Hapkit Board. We highly encourage you to build them after you have built your Hapkit! We are working on updating the code base and design of our devices. Currently some features of the devices are not available. We apologize for the inconvenience and will upload the code and designs as soon as possible.



Graphkit is a 2-DOF haptic device that was originally designed with the aim of turning Hapkit 3.0 into a programmable drawing tool. It is made from two original Hapkits 3.0 and a few additional parts combined into a Pantograph design. The information on how to build Graphkit as well as example code is below:

Graphkit Hardware Resources:
  • Additional parts required after building two Hapkits 3.0: Here is a parts list with purchase information.
  • STL files for 3D printing: Click here to download a zip file of Graphkit STL Files. Note: Model units are in mm.
  • Modifiable SolidWorks files: Click here to download a zip file of Graphkit SolidWorks Files. Note: These are only for use with the SolidWorks CAD program. We are working on creating/checking an open file format.
  • 3D printing tips: Here are 3D printing tips for creating your 3D-printed Graphkit parts.
  • Assembly instructions: Here are instructions for assembling your Graphkit into a functional haptic device.
  • Graphkit Example Code:

    We are working on Arduino code to get you started programming haptic virtual environments with your Graphkit. It is currently unavailable.