Two-Degree-Of-Freedom Devices

Graphkit and Haplink

We have designed two two-degree-of-freedom (2-DOF) devices based on Hapkit. Both are made out of 3-D printed structural components and use the Hapkit Board. We highly encourage you to build them after you have built your Hapkit!



Graphkit is a 2-DOF haptic device that was originally designed with the aim of turning Hapkit 3.0 into a programmable drawing tool. It is made from two original Hapkits 3.0 and a few additional parts combined into a Pantograph design. The information on how to build Graphkit as well as example code is below:

Graphkit Hardware Resources:
  • Additional parts required after building two Hapkits 3.0: Here is a parts list with purchase information.
  • STL files for 3D printing: Click here to download a zip file of Graphkit STL Files. Note: Model units are in mm.
  • Modifiable SolidWorks files: Click here to download a zip file of Graphkit SolidWorks Files. Note: These are only for use with the SolidWorks CAD program. We are working on creating/checking an open file format.
  • 3D printing tips: Here are 3D printing tips for creating your 3D-printed Graphkit parts.
  • Assembly instructions: Here are instructions for assembling your Graphkit into a functional haptic device.
  • Graphkit Example Code:

    We provide this Arduino code to get you started programming haptic virtual environments with your Graphkit.